Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Q&A with Laurie

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm going to start a new weekly Q&A series that I hope to post every Friday.  I thought it would be a nice change of pace to hear from other people and what they are into lately!  My first post is from my BFF, Laurie.  She's a mother of two, an avid runner, lover of fashion and all around great friend!
Laurie and her doggie, Tiki!

1.  What's missing from your closet? 


So much is missing from my closet but for the sake of space on your blog I will keep this answer focused! Right now I am in need of basic cotton tees and tanks that can worn to work under a blazer or after work for a night out with gal pals. I recently purchased a high waist black pencil skirt that I love.
However, the top you pair with it really needs to be tucked in to the skirt in order to get the full effect. For example, my black VP ruffle tank from CAbi looks great with it but since it’s my only top of its kind, I end up wearing it way too often (those who know me, know this is a gripe of mine). 

2.  What's your signature beauty tip? 

  • Less is more. Don’t wear so much makeup that you don’t look like yourself! You’re pretty! Wear makeup that enhances, not changes your features.
  • If you’re feeling a little hung over, don’t forget a rosy blush on your cheeks! Color is essential when you’re not feeling your best. It helps with that washed out, only got 4 hours of sleep, feeling like you’re going to die, look.
  • Take care of your skin. Take care of your skin. Take care of your skin. Meaning…. Wear sunblock, moisturize and for pete's sake, take your make-up off at night! And trust me, this one works. My mother is living proof. 
A few of my favorite Hollywood (and Nashville!) beauties who I think get it right!


3.  What are your favorite summer shoes?

  1. I love my Toms wedges. I bought them because I thought they were cute and I liked the whole idea behind the Toms brand. However, because my legs aren’t twigs, the classic Toms style never looks right on me regardless of how many times I try them on. The wedges are perfect. They’re casual but they give a little something extra to every day outfits. 
  2. My Jessica Bennett gold sandals are a staple in my summer wardrobe. They just seem to go with everything (and this is my 2nd season wearing them!). I can easily pair them with my bathing suit and cover-up for a day on the boat. And they work just as well with my black sleeveless shift dress for a day at the office.
  3. My running shoes are self explanatory. Bathing suit season = treadmill time in the morning. 

4.  What must you always have in your house?

This is completely un-exciting but I have to be honest, we could not be without baby wipes in our house! Obviously they’re useful for their main purpose (keeping baby bottoms clean and dry) but I am telling you...they work for so much more!

I am talking red wine stains out of white carpet, coffee spills, deodorant off clothes, removing make-up at night and the list could go on and on. I carry them with me on the go, too. I use baby wipes instead of a Tide stick or Shout wipes because those tend to leave soap rings on my clothes and they also smell bad!

 5.  Besides your wedding ring, what's your most prized possession in your jewelry box?

I discovered Haley M (a jewelry designer out of NY) at the recommendation of a friend. She is sweet and easy to work with. She could teach most retailers a thing or two about customer service!  She also sells on etsy now, too - - and everything is handmade! I recently purchased two of her leather and bead bangles.
I purchased this piece shortly after having my son, Cameron. The photo charm features him on both sides. Aside from the sentimental value this piece holds, I really love the versatility in which it can be worn – as a long pendant or a y-shape necklace and my favorite way to wear this necklace is with other pieces.  I am really trying to make wearing silver and gold together more fashionably accepted!  

6.  What's your signature dish?

It’s been hot lately. Really, really, hot. And the last thing I want to do in this heat is cook! Who wants to hover over a steaming hot stove in 95+ degree weather? Not me! The other night I was craving a favorite summer time meal from my childhood, BLTs. They’re perfect for “It’s too hot to cook but we don’t want to go out either” kind of nights.

Tip: Avoid the stove and nuke your bacon, it tastes just the same!  And if you're feeling adventurous and have it on hand, add avocado!

Thanks, Laurie!  You're the best!


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