Monday, June 25, 2012

My Skinny Girl

I'm a big fan of promoting and celebrating local entrepreneurs.  And not just because it's a part of my actual 9-5 job, it's because I think it's important to help you support your neighbors!

Last year a vodka distillery opened up in our neighborhood called Valentine Vodka.  Their specialty is using fresh pressed fruits (grapefruit, oranges) mixed straight up with their uber delicious vodka - - and it's amazingly good!

This summer, my cocktail of choice will the "Skinny Valentine" (I heart Bethenny) using Valentine Vodka's White Blossom vodka (85 cals per shot) and Minute Maid Light Pink Lemonaide (15 cals per 8oz).  100 calories out the door and SO delish. 
And seriously, how cute is the owner and his dog?  
And he's an MSU alum to top it off!
Stop by Valentine Vodka or purchase at one of these locations 
and let me know what you think!
And a shout out to my BF Emily for introducing me to VV!

What's your favorite summer drink?


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