Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey there! I'm Kim! 
I started this blog in hopes that it could be a place where I could connect 
with new friends over things we're passionate about.  Like a virtual coffee date :)
Fashion, DIY projects, beauty tips, know, all the things we pin on Pinterest!   
However, like with any full-time working mom, where on earth would I find the time?  

Seems like nowadays, we are being pulled in so many different directions that we forget to carve out
time for ourselves. Or worse yet, when we do, we end up feeling guilty about it! 

So this blog is my space to be creative, have fun and connect with new and old friends
Thanks for visiting! 


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  1. Hey Kim I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am so glad you have decided to share your blogging dream with the rest of us. I am really interested in coming your way and trying that Valentine Voda looks very different than anything here around Yale! hehe In touch soon Karen S.

  2. Hey Karen! Thank you! Yes, we should definitely do a girls night at Valentine's! You will want to come back every weekend!

  3. Love that you used numbers to represent your name - my blog ( is a numeric representation of my initials too! Great minds... :)

  4. Haha, I totally though 6 to 11 meant the time of day you work on DIY and organization (I'm a mom of young boys so of course my mind goes there as it's the only time I have to do anything for myself!) Just found you via IHeart Organizing, great laundry project - mine is on my to do list as well. Hope you'll follow me back at

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