Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blushing Over Blush

Last week I was traveling (for my job) and was lucky enough to spend the day in the super cute town of Tecumseh, Michigan!  I work on a tourism ad campaign so it's a part of my job to travel around the state and experience things...well, as a traveler would!  So I totally don't feel guilty about all my purchases there because shopping is a big part of traveling, right???

Tecumseh is the great place to take a day trip with your girlfriends, husband, or anyone for that matter! There's an awesome restaurant in town that served us the best locally grown-gourmet food I've had in a really long time! Couple this with a local cheese shop, a winery, a handful of boutiques, sky diving...what else could you need?

One of my favorite stops was a boutique called Blush.  I immediately knew walking in that I was going to throw down some cash.  To quote them, it's a boutique offering trending apparel and accessories to young women looking for one-of-a-kind wear.  And what they have IS truly one of a kind!

Here's what I bought! 
Neon locket chain necklace for just $18!

Charm necklace with two charms.  Each charm was only $8.  So cute! 

Just wear the initial charm....

...or keep it simple with just the starfish! 

What it looks like on (well...backwards anyway)

And while I just bought jewelry, they also have some really cute - UNIQUE - clothes!
They have an online site that has just a selection of their stuff.
Here's what I've been eyeing up!

This peplum top - - very much on trend right now. 

I've never seen a pair of harem pants that I've wanted to try...until I saw these! 

Cute printed jumper

This necklace will probably be my next purchase.  Love! 

Well...or maybe this. I love both! 

She also carries Jenna Kator purses - which is such a great Michigan brand.  

So next time you are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, try Tecumseh!  
{I swear I'm not just saying this because of my job}
And stop in Blush and tell them I said hi! 

Shop with Blush here or check them out on Facebook


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