Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY: Quotes on Canvas


I have a love/hate relationship with it.  Most days, I love searching the site, finding cute outfits or kitchen designs for my "dream home."  It's the other days when I come across peoples DIY projects when I'm like how in world did they do that?  Or have TIME to do that???  Some of those braided hairstyles...come on!

Confession: Crafting is my favorite sport.
Yes, I now consider it a sport now that I'm old and married. You can almost say I'm craft-etitive because I like to see if I can match people on their craftsmanship. 
OK, I'm a huge dork.

For the next few weeks, I'm going to be posting my attempts at some popular Pinterest projects (or PPP's?).  If you have one that you've been wanting to try or want me to try - - send it my way!  Email me here or post a comment below.

First up:  DIY Quotes on Canvas 

I "pinned" this project thinking that is such a cute idea and looks totally doable!  Hahaha....Well, I had the cute part right...  But hopefully with these tips, you'll be able to whip through this much faster than I.

This canvas was one of those "I had to have it" in the store and then when I got it home, I hated it.  So I was happy to re-purpose it.   You can also buy a variety of blank canvas' at your local craft store for 
not that much money.

Supplies Needed:
Paint (I chose white but you can chose any color you like!)
Painters tape (in case you need to tape your letters down)
Spray adhesive
Magazines and/or newspaper
Sponge brush
Vinyl Letters
Old or new canvas or even an old painting

Glue your "best pieces" where you are going to place your letters.  What you put everywhere else really doesn't matter because you'll be painting over it.  

{looks pretty crazy at this point}

Align the last letters each word first so you can figure out the spacing before you stick them to the canvas.  My quote is "You make me happy when skies are gray."  
Needless to say, make sure to double check your work because apparently when I took this picture I planned on saying "...when skies are are gray."  Yikes!

When all your letters are straight and adhered to the canvas, paint over them using your sponge brush. 

Tip: ONLY, ONLY, ONLY buy the full adhesive letters.  They were sold out when I went to buy them so I bought half-stick letters instead.  It made painting over them a lot more tricky.

And now for the final product....

I'm so happy with the results and will definitely be doing this again (on a smaller scale) now that I have the hang of it.  I hung it in our guest room and I think it works well as a make-shift headboard.  Now I just need to replace the old comforter and add some cute throw pillows to top it off. 

What do you guys think?  

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  1. Wow! I love it! It came out really nice.

  2. SO cute! I need to try this!!!

  3. Seriously in love with this. Devoting a Sunday afternoon to this doesn't seem so bad to me!

  4. can you let me know waht font and size those letters are? or where i can buy it? thanks!

    1. Hi, Tammy - I got the stickers at Target. They come in a pack that has 3 sets of the entire alphabet. They are in the kids craft section. Hope that helps!

  5. WOW! Love it, am trying it right now! x

  6. Hello!! I loved soo much our work, that this weekend a give it a try on my first diy project, I didn't find the stickers letters so for my letters I used cardboard and painters tape NOT SO GOD IDEIA ( :p ) I use some acrylic paint, but i think it wasn't a god idea either, because I had to paint it 3 time. What can of paint did you use? thanks

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  11. What are you using to glue down the magazine papers? Just glue or something heavier? Thanks :)
    Becky P.

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  16. I just did this and it turned out great. I had to do it twice though because the first time was an epic fail. Here are some tips:

    First of (and this was huge for me), I modge podged the magazine clipping collage after I used the adhesive spray to get it on the canvas. I used a ton of it too. The first time, I didn't do this, and the letters ripped off the magazine clippings and newspapers with it. The modge podge should dry clear and will give a smooth surface to peel off of.

    Secondly, my letters were too sticky and they ripped off the magazine clippings. So on round two, I pressed the sticky part of the letters to a cotton shirt a few times to reduce the stickyness. This helped a ton.

    I also decided not to use newspapers or the text part of the magazines, newspaper because it rips off too easily and magazines, because the white didn't stand out enough from the white paint.

    Lastly, don't water down the paint. The first time I used water with my acrylics, which is fantastic for other projects, but it was so thin it peeled off with the letters... not pretty. The second time I kept it thick, and it fixed the peeling problem and also gave it a thick, textured look. The thicker paint make the white part less semi-transparent than the one showed in this tutorial, but it worked and I'm happy with my result.)

    Anyway just a few tips from experience...

  17. I'm not sure if you check back in here, but I was wondering what you think about maybe using paper instead of magazine pages to do this. That way it could be more color specific.

  18. Is it a coincidence that you have all the E's white (probably to spell G (R) AY, without having to admit it? If not why did you left one E black? Was it a mistake, or it was done deliberately for another reason? Don't get it wrong, I got nothing with gay people, hell my sister is gay and I used to live with 3, jolly as fuck, gay guys. Never had any problems with them, except when we would sleep with Kosmas on the same bed. The fucking prick would hoard the blanket and sleep like a freaking spring roll, GAWD... Aw and when we go to gay bars/clubs, I have more attraction from the others, but soon the gossip that I am straight and in two hours tops, the whole place knows it, the guy in the door knows it, the kyosk guy less that 2 minutes from ANY club there (the place is called Gazi or Gazi square and it's not a just gay area, so make sure to visit when and if you come in Greece) anyway, where was I? Aw, yesh... Well, I stretched that last one comment about gossiping a bit too much eh? So, I got soooooooo out of topic that I am thinking to copy this post, rewrite it and post it on another web page or something :P Anyway, this thing seems totally far out, I have so many ideas passing in my mind every minuted and I know that I will forget them if I don't write them down... I will try your technique (it seems pretty simple, I really hope it actually is...) and I will make sure to come back and comment what I have learned! If you want to be friends on Facebook and let me bust your balls with lazy, stupid questions when I mess things up, well that would make me really happy ^_^ Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I am a writer and one of my earliest and favorite poems is small enough, so I think I might be able to make a painting with that on it. The poem is about love, talking about a broken, broken in a thousand peaces and at the end, just by a look in a girls eyes, that heart becomes whole again :) I wish it was English, but it's in Greek... If anyone cares for it (why care about a stranger that talks too much? F*CK hi anyway) I will try and translate it in English, well not translate word for word, but more like write something similar with the same meaning :)

  19. Wow! This would be the most romantic, anniversary gift. I dig the magazine effect, but it might be cool to use pages from old books or old music, depending on the quote. And I agree that crafting is definitely a sport! I'm trying out for a 5k Pin next year. ;)

  20. Wow! Amazing DIY Wall Art. Love It! Just Showcased this on my blog and linked back to your website.

  21. This is awesome! I really want to do this for my sister's birthday present. A question: what type of paint did you use?

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