Monday, July 30, 2012

Going Greek

Phew! What a weekend...I'm exhausted.  So this post {unfortunately} is not going to be the most ingenious I thing I've ever shared with you guys.

I could probably title this "So Easy, It's Stupid."  However, until I saw someone else make this I never considered the idea!

I like to try and keep healthy snacks on-hand so I'm not aimlessly snacking on junk.  This is something I basically have in my fridge at all times.  This is also probably the quickest snack/side-dish to bring to a last minute BBQ or party.

So with that, prepared to be amazed (not really). 

Non-fat Greek Yogurt + Hidden Valley Ranch.  Done.  

Making this dip with greek yogurt instead of sour cream basically makes it guilt free.  

In terms of nutritional value, making the switch from sour cream to greek yogurt is a home run.  Look at the stats compared to sour cream or even non-fat sour cream.  
{This is for a 1 cup serving}  

23 grams of protein???  That would keep you full for weeks! 

I've tried all the different varieties for ranch packets for this.  My favorite is the buttermilk recipe.  If you're crazy about MSG, apparently there's a MSG-free variety available at Whole Foods.  

Mix one entire packet into a 2 cup container of greek yogurt. 

Serve it up with a mixture of your favorite veggies and voilĂ !  
So easy, it's stupid.

I'll be back tomorrow with a little something more crafty, I swear :) 

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