Monday, July 2, 2012

Mint Manicure

Appropriately so, in the past week I've been seeing a ton of 4th of July inspired outfits and manicures on various blogs and on Pinterest.  And while I do love the 4th, this year, the combo of red, white and blue isn't really doing it for me.  However, what has been catching my eye is the color...MINT!

Right now, it's a color that's considered "all the rage" in design, fashion and beauty.  There are a ton of Pinterest boards soley dedicated to people's love of this color.  I pulled these examples from just two people I follow!

I snapped some pics from my weekend at the lake to show how I got inspired....and just needed to share how pretty Lake Huron is :) 

An easy way to incorporate mint into your wardrobe/life is with a mani! There are a bunch of mint nail polish colors available right now.  Currently, these are my faves. 

I used Forever 21's "Fresh Mint" with a fun stripe of silver on my ring finger.  Sun was a little bright in the pedicure pic - sorry about that!

Ironically, two of my girlfriend's also went for the mint manicure this weekend!! The left is "Mermaid Tails" and the right is "Thanks a Windmillion" both by OPI. 
I also found some really cute designs on Pinterest to help add some interest to a mint manicure. 

What's your favorite color right now?  Post a comment with a manicure suggestion or send me some pics and I'll try and add it here!

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  1. I love the Mint rave right now! The mint nails with white polka dots is super cute. Time to stock up on some new Essie colors :)

  2. Let me know what you get! The new Superman collection by OPI looks good too!


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