Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nail Effects

It must be demo week this week because I have another beauty post for today!

I went to Target tonight (or last night by the time you're reading this) for cereal and light bulbs and walked out with wine, a book and a lamp shade!!! What??? I'm sure you all know exactly how that can happen.  I also purchased a box of Sally Hansen's Nail Effects because I find it PHYSICALLY impossible to walk out of Target without a beauty product.  Good news though  - - they were on clearance!  So I thought I should pick some know, for you guys :)

Tons of mixed reviews out there on these - - people either LOVE them or absolutely HATE them.   So far?  I'm in love!  There's a list of pro's and con's after the demo.

Wayyyy easier than trying to hand paint all those perfect little lots! 

I made sure to follow the directions very carefully and I'm in love with the results!  However I did apply a top coat even though the directions didn't say to.  I felt like it needed it and when I looked online I found lots of other people do the same. 

Have you tried these yet?  If so, what do you think??? 

And if you want to try, purchase here :) 


  1. Those look funky & I like it! I tried to do the dots myself once and it was a disaster.

  2. Are these "workable" for kid's nails (i.e., small enough, or able to be retrofitted to be small enough)?

  3. Yeah, I think so! I don't think my nails have actually grown since I've been in a kid and they fit me just fine! And yes, you could use scissors to trim if needed. The girls will love them!


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