Monday, July 9, 2012

Q&A with Emily

Hi everyone! I'm back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  Since I was away last week, I thought I would post the Friday Q&A today.  Plus, my interviewee is leaving for a Mediterranean cruise (ooooh fancy!) this week so I wanted to make sure to catch her before she's lost at sea - - I mean, on vacation :)

With that, welcome Emily! Emily was born in France, but her style is definitely all-American! I'm not joking when I say the sales associates at Kate Spade know her by name!  

One fun fact about Emily is that she's an EXPERT pumpkin carver!  I'm not kidding - - come Halloween she may just have to provide us with a tutorial! 

1.  What's missing from your closet? 

This is hard because I really don’t need anything as I finally found a replacement for my 2001 Gap dark denim jacket. The old girl took me through most of college, my first job, plenty of bar hopping in my early 20s and more recently she kept me warm at work when the air conditioning was too strong . 

Last year she finally got a hole in the elbow and she had to retire. After months of searching I finally found a suitable replacement at Urban Outfitters. She’s not as perfect as my 2001 find but she will do for now!
However, what is really missing from my closet is organization (please note that I’m not adding a picture out of embarrassment). I stuff way too much in there and I need a good closet organizer… and maybe another pair of shoes.

2.  What's your signature beauty tip?

I don’t think I have a signature beauty tip. I’m constantly asking people for their tips that I can incorporate into my routine. Hence why I enjoy this blog! I’m still waiting for a post on mascara so I can stop trying all of them. I still haven’t found one I like.  

I will say the one product that I am most loyal too is my Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream. I beat up my hair with the blow dryer and straightener and this helps protect it… and it smells really good.

3.  What are your favorite summer shoes?

  1. Heels (fashion, not function) – Patent Leather Nude Peep Toes. I wear them with just about everything. I also like that they take me up to a strong 6’1’’ which brings me eye-to-eye with my husband. 
  2. Heels (for comfort) – Tory Burch Wedges. Still give me the height I’m looking for, but I can manage to stand in them for long periods of time without back pain. 
  3. Flats (fashion, not function) – Tory Burch Patent Leather Flip Flops. So unnecessary but I love me some TB. 
  4. Flats (for comfort) – Havianas Yahoo! Promotional Flip Flops. Super cheesy, super comfy.

4.  What must you always have in your house?

Charley Dog! My little munchkin of love! 
(I just wanted to get a picture of her in here, but she is a must)

…And we always have to have chocolate in the house. I like a little chocolate something after a meal to finish it off. We range from pretzel M&Ms to Reeses Peanut Butter Minis. Currently we have Dibs serving as a nice post-dinner treat.


5.  Besides your wedding ring, what's your most prized possession in your jewelry box?

This would have to be my collection of Kate Spade bangles.  These were either purchased or received as gifts over a 2 1/2 year period.  They are just fun to mix and match with outfits!

6.  What's your signature dish?

I stole this recipe from someone else but it is always a crowd favorite.
It's my 6 layer Mediterranean dip! It is supposed to be 7 layer dip, but I don’t like olives so I omit. :)

Thanks, Emily! 

After today, I'll be back to my regular Q&A posting schedule :) 

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