Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog News!

I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you guys!

I've been featured! 

And not just on any 'ol site.  On one of my favorite blogs EVER and I'm beyond thrilled!

IHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing is featuring my Laundry Room DIY project today!

I've been reading Jen's blog for a looong time and I'm constantly amazed at what she comes up with.  She's an organizing GENIUS, very talented decorator and an amazingly successful blogger!  I also love that she shares my passion for wall stenciling!  All while raising 3 young boys!
An inspiration to say the least!

So if you're not currently reading her blog...what are you waiting for?!?

And for any new visitors coming over from IHO, here are some other posts you may be interested in!

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And the original laundry room post! 



  1. love the chevron lamp shade!


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