Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Condo Creativity

A friend recently asked me to help her come up with some design ideas for her new condo!  I was glad to help because for once I wouldn't have to worry about online shopping effecting my wallet!

She sent me a couple preliminary pics, a floor plan and a general idea of what she likes and I was off!

Her condo is brand new and she wanted to start from scratch with furnishings.

It's an open concept layout where she was able to choose her flooring, granite, cabinetry and wall color.

The accent wall color is a light blue gray - a perfect neutral to act as a base for pops of color and prints!

The cabinetry is a dark cherry, a favorite of mine, since that's also what I have in my house!

My friend is a fun, stylish, successful, career woman so I wanted to find pieces that fit her awesome style while being budget conscience.  We started with the living room first since all the other surrounding rooms would play off that look. 

Black and white striped curtains are my current obsession so I had to include them.  I also love the pops of various colors - coral, green, yellow.  When you start with a neutral base (couch, rug) you are able to add in lots of other colors and still achieve a cohesive look. 

A closer look!
Art Van "Kate" couch paired with accent pillows found on Etsy. 
{shotty editing skills courtesy of moi!}

A seating option perfect for small spaces.  
Both pieces are small enough to move around when you need more floor space for a party! 
The stool can also double as a side table or seat.
Chair and stool are both from Overstock.com

I heart this lamp! I love the bright lemon color paired with the shiny chrome details...that also match the chrome stool above!  However it's just over $100...so pretty pricey for a lamp.  Then I paired it with a cherry side table found at Target for just $60.  Evens it out, right? 

It was hard to find a good, full picture of black and white curtains since most are sold to order so they just show a swatch of the fabric.  However, I did find a few shots of how other people incorporated them into their home so you could get an idea of how big of an impact they make.  

I will be DIYing some old white Ikea curtains into these very soon! 

As any good (amateur) designer would do, I also provided some alternative furnishings in case she wanted to look at other options.  

The table is from Target
Lamp from Ballard Design 
Curtains from Etsy
Chair and {super cute} ottoman from Overstock.com

So when I thought this wouldn't be affecting my wallet, I was wrong.  
I'm totally adding that tufted ottoman to my wish list! 
It opens for storage inside making it perfect for toys, blankets, even shoes if you use it as a seat in your closet! 

Up next will be the dining room! 

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  1. Well, I think your friend made a good decision in choosing you as the decorator of the place. You certainly have an eye for detail! Your inspiration is quite good. I particularly like your choice of black and white curtains. They accentuate the walls and break the monotony of the space. The elements that you chose look great too! I’m very sure that your friend will be happy with the results. Keep us posted!


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