Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Shoes

For my 4th DIY, I'm recreating a trend that I'm currently obsessed with! 
{And no it's not chevrons this time} 

The first time I saw this look was on my gal you KNOW I had to follow suit! 

I've given in and bought a couple pairs but when I saw a tutorial on Pinterest and knew I could be recreating this look on my own shoes for much less than they retail for.

The ones I own have metallic caps, so I was in need of a a neutral pair that I could wear just about anything.  {Unfortunately these Zara shoes are sold}

I had a pair of tan pointy toe shoes from GoJane ($22) that I thought would work perfectly.  I also found a really old pair of flats that I thought I'd add a little pop of color to as well.

I was deciding between yellow or red for the flats and decided to go with red.

I think it was the leather material that caused the need for multiple coats.  Not a huge deal, just took more time than the tan shoes. 

I decided to give the red a quick top coat of shiny sealant because my paint dried pretty muted and I wanted shiny red! 

Like all my other DIY projects, I get crazy and want to do this to all my shoes!
What do you think?!?

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  1. I'm going to do this!! I love it. They turned out fabulous :)

  2. Wow!! I didn't think this would really work! They turned out great! I need to go through my shoes and try this!

  3. such a great idea! love this!


  4. I run to tell my wife how she can update her colletion shoes)))


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