Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY: Chevron Trellis

For my 3rd Pinterest DIY, I'm doing another chevron print project!  Shocking, I know.  I really need to keep my love for chevron in check before I go overboard.

This is kind of two projects in one.  The first part of it was my one year anniversary present! You may be asking yourself, how could a DIY project have a part in receiving a diamond necklace or tropical vacation?  It doesn't...because what I received was new landscaping!!! How romantic.

I have to come clean, it was all my idea - - as I would much rather fix up our new house than receive a gift!  {Note to husband: I reserve the right to change my opinion on this at anytime!}

When we moved in to our house, we were left with this dirt patch/garden area next to our garage that I had no idea what to do with.


Instead of putting down sod, we decided to just pretty it up with new brick pavers, shrubs, mulch, etc.  


Everything still needs to grow in but so far so good!  Well except for one shrub, so I'll be returning him shortly.  FYI:  If you buy trees/shrubs from Lowes or Home Depot and they die within a year, you can take them back for a full refund (with receipt and dead plant in hand).
And yes, next on my list is repainting the window trim!

Although something was still missing.  All the shrubs were so short that it made the garage wall look extra bare.  I thought about adding a brass medallion to the side of the garage or maybe even an outdoor clock.  

But once I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had found the perfect thing.  

Here's how I recreated this piece!  

  • 5 pieces of wood measuring 6 feet.  Use garden stakes if you can find them (I could not).
  • 2 pieces of wood measuring 4 feet.  
  • 2 packs of large shims.  You'll only use about 1 pack, but a lot of them will be damaged so you'll want to have extras to swap out. 
  • Measuring tape or stick 
  • Saw
  • Frame nails and a hammer
  • Sharp scissors
  • Paint and sealer 

Step 1: 
Figure out how tall you want your trellis and measure and cut your five 6' pieces accordingly.  
Mine were 80 inches tall. 

Step 2: 
Spread the boards out parallel to each other to gauge how wide you would like your trellis.  Then with your smaller piece, nail it to the top flush with the 5 other boards.  Do the same about 3/4's of the way down the trellis.  

Step 3: 
Using the shims, map out your chevron pattern for the top two rows.  Once you have your pattern set, measure the distance between the top two rows and mark that measurement down both sides of the trellis (on the two very outside boards).  

Step 4: 
You may have to trim the shims so they fit within the space.  Scissors cut them pretty easily.  Shims have a thick end and a thin end.  When creating a new row, I liked to put the thick end towards the outside of the trellis.  Then I would reverse that when I placed the next one on top of it - giving myself more wood to nail through. 

Don't worry about what the back side of the trellis looks like.  You'll never see it! 

Step 5: 
Paint! I did a priming coat with spray paint and then used a brush and latex paint for the 2nd coat.  Once that was dried, I finished it off with a gloss sealant.  

Step 6: 
Dig some holes so your trellis stays place and find some sort of growing plant to place in front it.  Which works out perfectly since the dead shrub is exactly where I want to put the trellis.  I ended up trimming the legs of the trellis a bit because it looked a little too tall.

Don't look too close because it's definitely not perfect - - but I'm hoping when my new plant grows on it those imperfections will become less noticeable :)

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  1. Did you buy 8' long pieces? If you cut them to 80" that's over 6'. Just wondering. Absolutely love the idea and we're on our way to Lowe's this morning to buy supplies! Thanks for the DIY!


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