Monday, August 20, 2012

My {Brow} BFF

I found myself in a little bit of a dilemma Friday night.  I was getting ready for an event and realized my very favorite (must have) product had run out.  My extremely thoughtful husband agreed to run to the mall for me to grab a refill while I continued to get ready but it got me I crazy?  

Am I crazy that I really didn't think I could leave the house without using this product?
Do any of you have a product addiction like moi? 

My must-have-all-the-time-can't-leave-the house-without-it product is

This liner is by FAR the best for brows and {trust me} I've tried them all!
And if you read the reviews on, you'll see I'm not the only one to feel this way.

What makes it so great? 
It's an ultra slim pencil that helps you get perfectly defined, natural-looking brows. Unlike other pencils, it's easy to create hair-like strokes to fill in gaps or sparse areas while not having to fill in the entire brow.

What I also love is that it automatically self-sharpens so no need to fiddle around with a sharpener or deal with the frustration of breaking pencil points (I hate that!). 

I use Soft Blonde and think it's a very universal shade because it has a tad of ash in it that makes it look really natural.  
But of course, there are other shades to choose from if Soft Blonde isn't right for you! 



Buy more than one at a time because you'll go through it fairly fast. {Or at least I do} 
At $15 a pop they are worth the investment.  

Make sure to check your bag before you leave the store.  They tend to want to give you the "Instant Brow Lift Pencil" which is not the same thing!  

Defined brows can really frame your face so I urge you to try filling them in to see how you like it! 

Now I'm off to the hospital to see if I'm an aunt to a new niece or nephew!!!!!!! 
Have a great day! 



  1. it looks amazing! i need to find a subtle shade to pencil in my brows, i've never done it because everytime i try i feel like a different

    xo brie

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