Friday, August 24, 2012

Q&A with Afrim

Hi, Everyone!
Hope you've had a good week!  It's been a super busy week for me but I'm happy to be back with new Q&A Friday! This week I'm interviewing the 2nd most important man in my hairdresser! Haha!

Afrim has been doing my hair for a couple of years now and I can honestly say my hair has never looked or felt better!

He's a magic worker and an awesome all-around guy.  And not to shabby on the eyes, right?!?

As soon as I started this Q&A format, I knew I had to put Afrim on the list! I could probably fill and entire week's worth of posts his "guy's point of view," but for today we'll try and stick just to hair!

We've got some other things in the works so you'll be seeing more of Afrim soon.  You can thank me later ladies :)

Me:  First things first, you know I'm a product junkie.  What are your go-to/favorite hair products?

Afrim:  For shampoo and conditioner, I really like L'Oreal Professional.  I'm also liking this Nuema line which is a sulfate-free, sustainable, vegan line.  In lieu of products, I really recommend a Brazilian smoothing treatment. Which is a process that eliminates frizz and smooths over-processed hair for about 2-3 months. {Afrim can do this for you btw}

Me: What is your biggest pet peeve about women and their hair?

Afrim: Them not doing it!  Women who leave the house with their hair looking disheveled make me cringe.  They can be dressed perfectly but if their hair isn't done, it's an incomplete package.  Ask your hairdresser to teach you how to do a proper blowout!  Or do us all a favor and take the extra 5 minutes to curl or straighten your hair.

Me:  Best celebrity hair?
Afrim: Jennifer Aniston, hands down.  It always looks soft, smooth, shiny, healthy...Even when it's in a pony tail you can tell she's just had a blowout.

Me:  Do you like when people bring in pictures to show how they'd like their hair to look?

Afrim: Yes!  It's important that we are both on the same page!  Red hair can mean two totally different colors to two different people. I think it's also important for the client to understand that their hair is not going to turn out exactly how it looks in that picture.  You're a different person!

Me:  How is someone supposed to breakup with their hairdresser?
Afrim:  Believe it or not, it's OK not to say anything and just not book another appointment!  I don't take it personally. It's also just as OK for them come back after a couple of years if they change your mind! No hurt feelings here!
Me: Phew! Good to know!!! (Just kidding...)

Me:  What do you want us to talk about when we are in your chair?  Everything? Nothing?  Sit silent and play on our phones?
Afrim: Everything! I hate to say this, but I cannot stand when a client talks about the SAME thing for 2 hours straight.  Look, I love kids - - but a little variety would be appreciated!

Me: How do I find my perfect part?  (Hair part that is)
Afrim: Everyone has a natural part that can be found by brushing your hair straight back and then seeing where your hair naturally falls. The most flattering part should stay within an inch or two on either side of that.

Me: OK, are you ready for the speed round?  Please answer yay or nay to each of my questions.
Afrim: Shoot.

Ombre hair: Yay
Zoey Deschanel-esc bangs: Nay
Women who wear red lipstick: Yay
Women who wear skinny jeans: Yay
MEN who wear skinny jeans: Yay
Social media: Nay 
Kissing on the first date: Yay
Online dating: Nay
Kim Kardashian: Nay

Me: Last question.  If any of my readers are in a "hair rut," what do you recommend they do? 
Afrim:  Don't be afraid to switch hairdressers.  If they aren't listening to you and just doing the same thing over and over, it's time for a change.  However, you can also spice it up and sleep with your hair dresser in order for them to better understand you better. That works too! 

Annnnd with that, my friends, is Afrim for you!  And that's why I love him.  
If you'd like to experience Afrim for yourself, you can find him either golfing or at Bardha Salon in Birmingham.  


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