Friday, August 3, 2012

Q&A with Megan

Hope you've all had a great week!
As always, I'm closing out the week with another Q&A session!  It's the 3rd week with this set of questions so next week the format is going to change again.  Stay tuned for some fun new topics and people!

However, before I make the switch we have Megan!

Megan is by far one of my most fashionable friends.  She's always working the trends in a way that looks completely natural and like she's been doing it for years!  Megan got married last month in Key West and actually designed her own wedding dress!  See pic -->  
Thanks Megan! xoxo

1.  Top knot, fish tail braid, sleek pony...

What's been your go-to hair style for this summer? 

I’m proud to say I have finally retired my beachy, messy side knot for the more on trend top knot. Obviously, this is one of the hot new trends as of late, especially with the sock bun tutorials out on Pinterest (and here on this blog!). 

My inspiration for this look is the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw, but my must-have tool for this is the bun sponge (sold at Claire’s). This little sponge can help my on the thinner side, curly hair get the va-va voom it needs to recreate the look of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.

2.  Makeup Must-Haves: 

What 3 things can you not live without? 

  • Mascara. Period. Just kidding. Sort of. I’m lacking in the eyelash department and I’ve found that I cannot stick to just one mascara all the time. My lashes seem to respond better when I mix it up every tube. However, I’ve had the best overall luck with the Maybelline brands and have gone back to the Colossal Volum’ Express more than once. (I actually had to look up the name, I just remember the color of the tube). 

  • I love the sun, but I know I have to watch it and I refuse to do the tanning bed thing anymore so I’ve turned to L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze airbursh self-tanner. I’ve heard horror stories from most people I know about self-tanners but I’ve always had good luck with this product in the winter and as an extra boost in the summer. 

  • And my number one can’t live without product is definitely face lotion with SPF. I’ve always been an Oil of Olay gal, but recently started using Garnier Skin Renew dark spot corrector and anti-sun damage lotion and it’s actually worked on some of my sun spots.

3.  Summer Dresses: Do you go maxi or mini? 

I love the maxi dress because it’s so effortless! It plays well for summer weddings, happy hours or even shopping and running errands. 

Pictured are a few of my favorites this summer!
A basic black is essential because it allows you to play with all of the trendy, fun jewelry that’s out right now. 

I also love my pop of color salmon maxi (very old, but hanging in there and never goes out of style!). This one also allows me to play around with color blocking; I love to pair it with bright yellow earrings! 

The printed maxis are also fun because you can get the latest patterns and allow the dress to make the statement. This dress is from Forever 21 and (thanks to Kim having a similar one) I fell so in love with it; I actually had it as my bridesmaid’s dresses in my recent wedding and ended up getting one for myself, too!

4.  What's your favorite room in your house and why? 

Probably our half-bathroom (not the answer anyone was expecting, I bet). This is the first room we have redone together in the house and it’s just fun to me. We painted it Key Lime green and dubbed it our Key West-Wedding room. My husband's niece and nephew engraved a conch shell with our wedding date while we were down in Key West as a wedding present, so that, plus other sea shells we've collected on our travels, and a fun wedding picture are all nice reminders of our wedding and vacations! I’m sure once we finish the rest of the rooms in the house, the bathroom won’t be my favorite anymore though!

5.  What's your daily skin care regimen? 

This is really bad and I can’t believe I’m admitting it but other than wearing sunscreen on my face daily, I probably don’t give my skin enough TLC. My skin is pretty much in the middle, not too dry and not oily so as long as I am good about taking off my make-up every night and applying a daily moisturizer every day I’m usually good to go. About once a month I will exfoliate my face using St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

6.  What's something you're currently obsessing over? 

1.Statement necklaces 
(i.e. J. Crew & Anthropolgie) 

2 .Aztec Prints 
I just bought this cardigan by Billabong and these bathing suit bottoms at Target! 

3.Mint nail polish 

4.Soundtracks of the summer....Drunk on you by Luke Bryan and The Wind by The Zac Brown Band 

5.Drinking summer drinks out of mini mason jar jugs 

6.My engagement and wedding ring….cause they go with everything in my closet!


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