Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY: Floor Mat Decor

In my absence, my girlfriend Kelly is here to share with us a super cute DIY project that was inspired by a Pinterest pin!

Another Pinterest coming to it!  
Thank you Kelly!

I recently redecorated the second bedroom in my condo, and while I’m sure it will be a work-in-progress for awhile (I’m constantly moving things around on my shelves and buying new accents….), one of the main things I wanted to figure out ASAP was a piece of art for one of the walls.

I thought of doing stencils, maybe a gallery wall…and then it hit me. My finishing touch could be a DIY project I saw on Pinterest! (Yes, Pinterest…it’s an obsession.) 

When I first joined, I was intrigued by this piece of DIY art using doormats.

But then I came across this alternative that I liked even better!

I was off on a quest to find cheap, plastic doormats! The instructions I found online made it seem like any dollar store in town would have them -- no problem. Well ladies and gentleman, it was not that easy. Not only could I not find them at the dollar store, I couldn’t even find them at hardware stores! (Though I must admit, I’m more comfortable at Nordstrom – maybe I just don’t know my way around a Home Depot!) 

Finally, my go-to, Target, came through for me. I found this “double-wide” doormat, which cost around $25. More than I was anticipating, but at this point I was desperate.

In order to get the antiqued, white metal look, you just need flat white spray paint and a sanding block.

I covered the floor in newspaper and started spraying away. But…I didn’t plan correctly. After I had my first layer of paint on, my teeny tiny can of spray paint was empty!  That’s what I get for trying to cut corners – off to Michael’s I went!

Got back to spray painting and now have pretty good coverage. I wasn't too worried about getting an even coat since I’ll be sanding it later.

Apparently I’m not equipped to use a full size can of spray paint. This is what it looked like after I was done spraying! I decided to check out the directions and learned you’re supposed to shake the can for 1-2 minutes. Seems excessive to me…

I let the paint dry for about an hour (though the can said it would dry in 10 minutes) and then started sanding. I thought maybe I’d get a workout in, but I didn’t even have to apply that much pressure to achieve the look I was going for.

I loved seeing the pattern when I removed the mat from the newspaper. It definitely works as a great stencil as well!

So now I was off to hang up my masterpiece! 
 And here’s when some of my hopes and dreams were crushed…. 

Since I could only find the “double-wide” doormat and not the standard size, it folded in half when I was carrying it. This made some of the paint flake off. When I man-handled it to get it up on the wall, more paint flakes came off on my fingers. Ugh! 

Additionally, the black, plastic material of the mat started rubbing off on my freshly painted walls… 

BUT – I still love the look. It honestly looks like metal. I’m going to give it another coat of white spray paint, re-sand and then seal with some spray enamel. I think I’ll spray the enamel on the back as well, so it doesn't keep dirty-ing up my wall. I’ll enlist a second set of hands to help me bring it to the room and hang it up, so it doesn't bend. Hopefully all of this will help limit the paint flakes… I also need to add another nail to hold the center down – you can see it’s gapping a little – but didn’t want to make more holes until I’m ready to get it up there for good! 

My advice to anyone trying out this project – stick to the standard size doormats. 
 I think the extra-large size of mine was the cause of most of the problems.

I think it turned out fabulous!!! 
(it's Kim again) 
I can totally see this hanging vertically as well.  
Maybe even two side by side? Now we're getting Pinterest crazy ya'll! 
  Love it.  
Thanks for sharing Kelly! 

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  1. I like the idea of 2 side by side vertically!!! Its super awesome and seems super easy (now that we know some tricks) :)


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