Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

Lots of people have assumed the name of this blog pertains to the hours of my day that I work on it and even though the "real meaning" is different, that is also very much true!  
Lately though, I've been so biiizzzay (busy) that even those evening hours have been hard to come by!  Vacation, work trips, new babies (not mine) you name's been on my calendar this month! 

So unfortunately I've been lacking on my DIY duties...but hope to change that very soon!  
I did have a few extra minutes this week to sneak in an easy and quick {and super cute} project! 

I fellow blogger {who I adore} turned me onto this and it was totally one of those 
*smack your forehead* 
"Why didn't I think of this?!?" moments.

DIY Polka Dot Jeans! 
{and you all know how much I love polka dots!} 

{celebs that also share my love}

If you are a fan of this style, you know that right now, they are way over priced.  
It's almost impossible to find a cute pair without throwing down a hundred bucks. 

I used a pair of old Forever 21 Skinnies.  
I recommend you either purchase a pair from there (like these) or use an old pair. 

Goes without saying, but do this on a flat surface!   
Keep an old rag nearby in case you need to blot the pen off as sometimes the tip will bubble up. 

I wear them and post a pic on the Facebook page soon! 


  1. What a great idea!! I love this & will be trying it soon :) Thanks!


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  3. I found via pinterest Very cool. Will have to see if I have the patience though.
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