Monday, September 24, 2012

Gorgeous Gourds

I'm in the Halloween spirit!!! 
Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. 
And even though it's still over a month away, I'm gearing up! 

Usually the first thing on my list is to get some pumpkins. 
And normally, I would just pick a few various sized beauties and place them 
on my porch with some fall colored mums. 

However, this year, Pinterest has changed everything!
I mean, have you seen all the pumpkin crafts out there??? 
 I'm especially drawn to the painted ones. 

So I would like to enlist you, my readers, to pick m next pumpkin inspired DIY!
I've collected my favorite pumpkin "looks" below. 

Metallic Paint



Black & White

Polka Dots


Or all of the above!  
Just kidding :)

Leave a comment below with your vote! 


  1. I think what you're collecting here is individuality. None of these are going to suite you perfectly. BECAUSE, you now know that the idea's are endless & you're going to come up with your own direction for pumpkin perfection! Can't wait to see what you come up with ;D

  2. & this is totally my sons account & I am too careless to figure out my own passwords at this point in time ;D .. But I am Mellowatts, Sadie Johnson


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