Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Dream of Celine-nnie

I have a confession. 
I've never owned a designer handbag. 
Call me Kathy Wikile, Teresea Giudice...
I'm OK with it! 

It's not that I don't want one...
I've just never been able to pull the trigger.
Totally not judging those of you that do.
As you've seen, I spend plenty enough...too much...just in other ways...
This year, more than any in my life, I've really really really wanted a luxe bag. 
Specifically a Celine bag {thanks to Blair Eadie} 

Pay the mortgage...buy a Celine bag...
Homelessness...Celine bag...
Ugh, fine.  

So until I can afford to keep my house and get a Celine bag...I'll settle for a look-a-like. 
And play a game of guess the knock-off instead! 

Here are some of my favorite bags and their look-a-likes.  
Take your best guess at which one is the luxury bag and which one is the bargain. 
Answers are at the bottom...no cheating! 

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel

Celine Trapeze

Chloe Marcie Bag
Celine Nano Shopper


All courtesy of one of my favorite online shops...
Sign up for their mail list, they have a 20% off sale almost every week. 

Leave a comment and let me know your score! 


  1. 3/4. Missed the shopper. Where can you get these look alikes?

    1. Online at Shop Suey Boutique ~ www.shopsueyboutique.com

  2. you can find it at online store http://www.stilnomodno.com
    i saw before they had Celine at first page but now i looked they put it in list from left side Celine Bags, if you go there you can find 3 nice bags of Celine, ohhh black one which is Mini I like soooo much


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