Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Mani

I love getting manicures and keeping up with nail trends but 
I don't like spending a lot of money on nail polish.

I'm just not one of those girls that splurges on the 
Butter London polishes or gorgeous as they are...

So when I can find a cute, cheap nail polish, I'm a happy girl. 
I just found two new beautiful colors at my local CVS for $1.99 each!

Splendid's "Bite Me" (left) and "Cougar Attack" right. 

A very similar combo to Butter London's Rosie Lee and Chanel's Vamp.
{which would cost you $40 for both}

You could buy over two weeks worth of 
tall skinny hazelnut lattes {my favorite right now} with your savings!

I applied the darker color first.

Then the rose gold glitter top coat!

Another view

Disclaimer: I realize this cheaper nail polish may not last as long as the 
more expensive brands but that's OK with me :)

the winner of the C Wonder giveaway is....

Laurie Wray! 
Congrats girl friend and thanks for the great blog advice!

(Laurie's comment was #10 out of 12)

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