Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Organized Living

While our kitchen has been recently renovated, it's still fairly small.  
That means it's extra important for us to stay organized and use what 
little space we have to it's full potential.  

Ikea is my favorite place to find inexpensive organization solutions. Fitting, as the company was built on finding simplified solutions for modern spaces!

Here are some of my favorite ways we stay organized in our kitchen.

 Get yourself one here or here

Ikea "Droppar" jars here, here and here

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  1. I always want to put spices over the stove, but some aren't supposed to get hot. It all confuses me, so I just toss them all into a cabinet, where they fall on my head when I open it. Ha!

    1. I know...I've heard that too. Luckily we don't use spices ALL that much so I don't really notice if they are spoiled! Ha!


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