Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Party

A few weeks ago, I was pumped about painting this year's pumpkins.  
If you missed it, you can read about it here.

So when I finally got around to it this weekend, I had a million different ideas and designs in my head.
I got my pumpkins, stocked up on some new paints...I was ready to go! 

By the way, Martha Stewart paints are 30% off at Michael's right now.

I mapped out my plan.
I was going to do an initial pumpkin, a glitter pumpkin and a polka dot pumpkin (I know...)

Thinking back...I should have just gone with one theme/design for all 3 pumpkins but I couldn't contain myself.  

Started out with a white base on one. 

A rose gold base on another.

And a initial coat of multi-color dots. 

I wish I would have stopped there...but again, I couldn't contain myself. 

Here comes the glitter!  (applied with Modge Podge)

I had every intention of hand painting my own "A" (for my last name) on the white pumpkin.
I started painting it, it was I decided to use a black sharpie instead. 
I still didn't like it, so I went with an "A" stencil.

What I didn't realize is that that you can't paint over sharpie on a pumpkin.
It's permanent. 
Coat after coat after coat, it still came through.  
Oh well.  
DIY fail. 

Here are the finished products!

For all you pinners out there, I've pinned this on my Pinterest page here


  1. These look so awesome! And I actually like the A monogram - it looks good!

  2. Super cute pumpkins! Love the glitter one!


  3. Thanks for the creative ideas :)


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