Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: Neutrogena Shine Control

Neutrogena recently launched a collection of "Shine Control" makeup that promises you'll be
shine free for 8 whole hours! 

As a gal with oily skin, finding the *perfect* foundation can be difficult.
It's either too thick, too drying, too moisturizing...

Last week, I found myself out of my regular foundation so I decided to give it a shot.
The collection also comes with a primer, but decided to skip it for now.

These products got horrible reviews online - - so this is just my personal point of view :)

Packaging: Sucks. 
The foundation bottle comes without a pump and the opening is very small so it takes more time then it should for the product to come out.  Pretty annoying when you are in a hurry like I always am. 
The powder packing is fine - no issues.  I'm still amazed that they include those little sponges with powder...who even uses those?  It was in the garbage immediately.  

Application:  Good 
Once you get the foundation out of the bottle, it actually goes on quite easily.  I like to start with a tiny amount and then build upon that coat for the areas I need extra coverage.  Build-ability gets an A+! 
The powder only comes in one shade (translucent) so it allows your natural color to shine through.  I like to let my foundation set for a few minutes before applying the powder.  I also use these brushes to apply.  The texture is silky and light so application is a breeze.  

Wear: Excellent!!
If you can get past the packaging/application issues, the wear more than makes up for it.  
Those little rice proteins are working their butts off! 
It's a soft matte finish, doesn't look powdery or overly dry and honestly keeps me shine free for 5 hours.  Maybe not the full 8 but a good 5!
It's amazing and almost life changing (in a completely shallow way :)
I think using them both together makes all the difference. 

Since I'm not quite ready to do application videos, this is a great one! 

Side Notes
There are a lot of reviews out their saying the foundation is grainy...which I did not notice at all.
The foundation colors are all on the light side, so not good (yet) for darker skin tones.
You can purchase this at CVS, Walgreens or Target and they run about $13 each.

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  1. I have this stuff too minus the powder. I really like it. Unfortunately, I have to use a pre-concealer to cover/hide the blemishes and red blotches on my chin area so I sometimes feel like I use too much liquid foundation to cover that (typically a violet or green color) and then I'm shiny again.

    1. I think using them together has done the trick for me. I actually conceal after I put on my foundation. It’s almost the last thing I do. I let my foundation set and sink in for a few minutes (while I do my eyes) and then determine how much I need to conceal. Also, Smashbox makes a WONDERFUL tinted primers that helps with color-correcting.

    2. Ooh, good to know! Thanks for the tip. If anyone else has suggestions or tips on concealing the redness from GASP acne (yes, I still get it despite being in my late 20's) I'm all ears :)

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  3. I'll have to try the foundation. I have a problem with mid-day shine, no matter what products I use.

    And I do use the sponges, so that when i carry the powder in my purse, i can just dot some on my shiny t-zone.

    1. Let me know what you think of it if you pick it up! I have a {bad} habit of stealing napkins from Starbucks to use as oil blotters...They work wonders!

  4. I was gonna say I swear by Smashbox primer, its amazing and makes my skin feel like silk... never used foundation in my life just powder so I'm up for something new... thanks Kim :) PS love the blog :)

    I have a suggestion when you're in the mood for a new jewelry line to try look into stella and dot... just got some stuff from them and I LOVE IT!


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