Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starburst Mirrors

I LOVE starbust mirrors.  
And until recently, every one I've seen and liked has been way out of my price range.
{hence all the DIY's posted on Pinterest}

I love them because they so visually interesting...with all the different sized points, textures, color variances... 

You can put one above your couch....

Above your fireplace...

Over your bed...

In between two windows...

Are you catching my drift???
They can go just about anywhere!

I decided to start my search again and
I found ALL of these on for $100 or less!

I think I'm finally ready to pull the I just need to find a spare wall in my house...Oye. is your last day to enter the C Wonder giveaway!
I'll be drawing a winner tomorrow! 

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