Friday, October 12, 2012

Wild Child

My favorite thing about the blog world is finding/seeing/hearing about products that I would never come across (or consider buying) on my own.  

A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger wrote about a new eye shadow she had 
purchased that absolutely blew her mind.

When I saw what it was, I was beyond surprised.  
I never would have (ever) considered this brand if she hadn't tried it and recommended it.

It's Wet N Wild people.  
No, I'm not kidding.

It's awesome. 

This is their Color Icon line in "Comfort Zone" and it's extremely comparable to MAC eyes shadows.

Long lasting.
Highly pigmented.
Very blend-able.

{Pay no attention to the instructions stamped on the shadows, use them wherever you like}

Sadly, I've never had anyone comment on my eye shadow in my entire life until I started using this! 

Just to compare, these are my two favorite MAC eye shadows.
All That Glitters (left) and Woodwinked (right)

The pink and brown color in the Wet N Wild pallets are basically identical matches
and in my opinion...
wear a much lot longer without any creasing! 

MAC will run you about $15 each while the entire Wet N Wild pallet is $5!!!
And you get 4 times as many colors!

This is using just the Wet N Wild eye shadow without any eyeliner! 
The pinky "eyelid" color all over my eyelid. 
The champagne "browbone" color in the inside corner of my eye.
Then the brown "crease" color just above my lash line.

Like it? Purchase the pallet here or at your local drugstore. 
They also carry 2 other pallets if these are not your colors.

Happy Friday! 

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