Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Simple Holiday Decor

Raise your hand if you spent some time this weekend decorating for the upcoming holiday season? 

I haven't started on the inside of my house yet, but the outside of my house is complete!
Here's a glimpse at an easy holiday DIY you can create with stuff from your yard! 

This was a really fun project because my mom and I worked on this together! 
{all her idea!}
What you'll need: a bucket full of branches, a garden pot, a lantern, pine cones and a string of lights.

FYI no trees were injured during the making of this!  My mom and I trekked out into the woods, trimmed an overgrown tree, and then I transported all the materials back to my house :) 

First things first, arrange the branches around your pot.  
It actually helps if you have a bit of leftover dirt in your pot as it give the branches something to dig into.  

I had enough greens for two pots.  I like that they aren't identical - looks a bit more rustic that way.

I placed an Ikea lantern (leftover from my wedding!) in the middle to give the pots some height. 
 My mom found and used remnant birch branches in hers! Here in the city, that would be like finding a needle in a haystack! 

Next step...add some pine cones around the lantern.
Instead of pine cones you could use ornaments or holly branches if that's more your style!

Last but not least, a few lights and you're done! 

I would still like to add a touch of color, so I'm going to pick up something red (maybe a ribbon for the top?) on my next trip to Michaels! 

Happy decorating...and thanks Mom! 
You're the best! 



  1. Wow, looks great! Any mantle ideas? Kelly Malloy

  2. this looks awesome, stealing this idea!

  3. Great DIY for bumping up the curb appeal- holiday style! Thanks for sharing. Dee


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