Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sequin and Such

I know...we haven't even had Christmas yet but I'm already thinking about New Years! 
Probably because this year, I have vouched not to wait until the VERY last minute to 
figure out what I'm going to wear.  

I have two outfits picked out and I need your help {a vote} on deciding which one to wear!
{some of this stuff is new, some stuff I already have}   
However, I'm alllll about sequin this year, so you're going to notice that theme throughout :)

Leave me a comment and vote for your favorite look!  I would love your help!
"Party Time" or "Celebration"

Metallic clutch  //  Forever 21 cuffs (one for each arm)

I also FINALLY discovered the amazing world of "Rent the Runway!" (I know...I'm way behind)
I had been hearing about it for awhile...but figured it was all ball gowns and Lord knows I have zero use for one of those. 

Rent designer pieces for your special event (Auto Show Charity Preview?) for a fraction of the retail price.  They also send you two sizes just in case one doesn't work out!  Genius! 

Has anyone tried it yet?  
I found some amazing sequin numbers in less than, oh, 5 seconds.  
A sequin romper??? Come on! 
 {from left to right}
1  //  2  //  3  //  4 

Oh did I forget to mention I don't even have any NYE plans yet??? Haha! 



  1. Outfit A is my vote. Super cute!

  2. Would you have bare legs with the skirt? Maybe you need a back up of opaque black tights and pumps just in case. I <3 Party Time.
    Taylor Strecker would rock those pants tho!!

  3. Another vote for Outfit A!

  4. Party time for sure!! What does Brad say? He's the one kissing you at midnight ;) Sandi

  5. Cel-e-bra-tion time come on!

  6. Those sequin pants are to die for
    I would definitely go with those and the accessories you chose to go with it are spot on

  7. I vote for Outfit the skirt!! Maria K.

  8. Celebration looks comfy!


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