Friday, January 4, 2013

Change Schmange...

So...I'm not really sure why we're hanging on this "fiscal cliff" after I spent enough money at Forever 21 last year to buy a third world country... #oy

Therefore changing my shopping habits has to be one of my new year's resolutions this year {sigh}
But don't get too excited yet, MOM! 

My goal is not necessarily to spend less...but to spend more wisely!
{see how I just made this goal much more attainable???}

This year I want to buy more versatile, better fitting, classic pieces.

1. A brightly colored cross-body bag.
Image source: Atlantic-Pacific
See how this bright red bag makes an otherwise completely neutral outfit pop? 
Need one. 

2. A(nother) printed button-up shirt 
Image source: Damsel In Dior
I've already worn this shirt multiple times but I love how just a tiny peak of 
polka print takes her layering to the next level. 

3. Faux leather leggings
Image source:
My current pair of faux leather leggings are from Forever 21 and they actually stretched out!  
I want a pair that looks/feels like real leather, with the price tag of faux.  
(btw, her coat is from OLD NAVY!)

4. A neon blouse 
Image source: Pink Peonies
I have this neon pink shirt from Old Navy but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew I should have bought a green one instead.  Love this outfit SO much! Pair neon with any neutral for a trendy look. 

5. Vest(s)
Image source: Brooklyn Blonde
As you all know, I basically live in my green cargo vest.  I love layering with it but really need to 
find another option besides my cargo one.  It deserves a little vacation.  

What do you want to add to your wardrobe in 2013? 
Or what was the best thing you added in 2012? 



  1. LOL, maybe because government spends like you do at Forever 21. Cute post and great goal for the year. It's one of mine too. I really want to add an oversized black jacket/boyfriend blazer to my wardrobe soon. I know, that was so 2012. :)

    1. Good point LJW! I'll keep my eye out for a blazer for you. My black Topshop blazer is on sale right now >>

      Oh and sells an exact replica for $13 less >>

  2. Happy New Year dear!
    Hope u get evwrything on ur wishlist


  3. Seriously, F21 can bail this country out. They probably have a 1/3 of all the money I've made in my lifetime. Which isn't a ton, but it adds up!

  4. Your list for 2013 is perfect....all of them will work with almost anything under the sun!


  5. I need all those too!

    Happy 2013!


    Sandra @


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