Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Gab

Did you guys happen to catch the Golden Globes last night? 
My girlfriends and I have started a tradition of getting together to watch the red carpet every year
so we can dish on who nailed it and who needs to hire a new stylist :)  

Here are our top picks for this year! 

Best Overall - Jessica Alba 
The color of the dress, the statement necklace, the bright lipstick.  
Loved it all! 

Other favorites...

Kristin Wiig - loved the cut out!  
Her hair and makeup also looked great.  Jennifer Aniston has some competition! 

Jennifer Lawrence. 
We couldn't decide if we liked the bust of this dress, but the color, 
the metallic belt and her hair (our fave) made her a top pick.  

Julie Bowen. 
She was on screen for a split second but we all agreed she nailed it with
the bright teal and one shoulder look. 

Kate Hudson
Looked so amazing! But I can't think of a time she's ever looked bad!  

'Cause You Had A Bad Day...
(a nice way of saying our least favorite)
Lucy Liu
Is it curtains or a dress? So.Bad.

And one last thing...can we stop with the Angelina leg already? 
It looks SO awkward! 
We know you have nice, cellulite free legs need to brag. 

Who were your favorites? 
Or least favorites?

We missed seeing Gwyneth and Cameron on the red carpet  this year.  
They better be saving something good for the Oscars! 


  1. Jessica Alba looked the prettiest, I think!! I love that colors!

  2. I thought Hallie's dress was a disaster
    Who wants to look like they have on deformed boobie???
    I gotta say, I really like Lucy Lu look
    Floral is gonna be huge in the spring and I thought her make up and hair were perfect


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