Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Hi-Rez Prez

I must have been a REALLY good girl last year because Santa left me the best present 
underneath our tree!  {and by Santa I mean my awesome parents} 

I've wanted a DSLR camera for a long time and even more so when I started this blog. My parents and sisters all already own one and I've always been jealous of the photos they've been able to capture...
Now I can finally compete!  

Since I work in a very creative industry (advertising) I've cringed at some of the images I've had to put on this blog.  Especially with my DIY projects where typically all about the details! 
So hopefully with some practice, I'll be able to change that very soon :)

I mean....look at the difference at some of the pics I re-snapped around my house tonight.
The ones on the left are with my new DSLR, the ones on the right are from my iPhone.

Better exposure...

...higher resolution images...

...sharper details...
...and I hardly know how to use it yet! 

Do any of you have DSLR cameras?  If so, leave me your best piece of advice/tip below! 

I've found a bunch of great infographics and tutorials that I've started pinning here 
but besides insuring it (check!) and getting a UV filter (check!) what else do I need to know? 



  1. "Like" Clickin Moms ( They have a lot of blogs and tutorials and photographer discussions -- don't be turned off by the title! They also offer a ton of online classes (I've got my eye on a few) if you ever want to take it one step further! Enjoy!


    1. Thanks Andrea! I think I'm definitely going to need to take a class or two. I want to be able to use my camera to it's full potential, you know?
      Next time you're home you have to teach me some tricks!


  2. gorgeous striped curtains :)

    love it!

    xx, Sandra @

    1. Thank you! They weren't that hard to create either!

  3. I'm asking for one for my b-day! Newest follower right here!
    xoxo, Gena
    Visit my fashion blog at Pearls, Curls, and Uptown Girls

    1. Hi, Gena! Glad you found my blog! Fingers crossed you get your birthday wish! It makes SUCH a big difference!


  4. I have had one for about 4 months and am still learning how to use

    1. We can learn together! Did you get a Canon as well?


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