Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Q&A with Alyson

Happy Friday!

It's been a looong time since I've done a Friday Q&A but trust me, this one is well worth the wait!

Introducing you guys to a fellow blogger friend of mine who I just know you are going to love!

Her name is Alyson and she's the voice behind The Average Girl's Guide, a blog that's on my daily must-reads and is anything but average!

This Florida native shares tips for finding affordable fashion finds, easy meal recipes and even how to make doing laundry less painful! (Sign me up for that!)


Hi, Alyson!
You've recently been named a Target Insider! (how cool btw!) 
Take us through your typical visit.  What always seems to end up in your cart? 
Alyson: Thank you, I'm so excited to be part of the new Target Inner Circle with other talented bloggers and social influencers from around the country. What always winds up in my cart? There's always an on-trend style find (be it a great dress, cozy pj set or fab heels!). A little girl dress or cutie pair of leggings might wind up 'accidentally' tossed in, as well as a new lipstick or polish, and a few fav foods that are always less than my local grocer: organic gummies, Luna protein bars (now gluten free!) and pirates booty, for example.

Sadly, I have mini-panic attacks when my iPhone is not within reach... 
What are 5 things that you cannot live without? 

Alyson: iPhone as well, for sure! Obsessed with wearing a watch at all times (including to bed!), my glasses for when my contacts come out, Trident tropical twist gum and a few classic wardrobe pieces (skinny jeans and flats top my list!).

I work for a large advertising agency and have always dreamed about opening up my own business. 
How did you come to decide it was time to branch out on your own?  And seriously, how scary was it? 

Alyson: Thanks! I wish I had some amazing story but truth was I wasn't looking for this: my company was an accident! After losing my job (due to health related issues), I got a call, and then another, asking about doing freelance work. I picked the name of my PR company in a hot minute, made business cards at Kinko's and landed my first client. 

A year later, I hired my first full-time employee and then eight months later we expanded from a little room in my home to 
900 sq-ft. office. It's been insane, but so amazing! Connections, honesty and the desire to always want to produce more than what your clients expect have been huge assets.

I love your style and that you document your going-to-work style! 
What's your secret for putting together such stylish work ensembles every day? 
Alyson: Trying to build my ego? :) Since I'm getting ready in a hurry while trying to get my daughter (and husband!) out the door, it's key to have staples you can wear again and again, with a few statement pieces mixed in. My black skinny pants get insane wear. Top it with a basic blouse and then add on a colorful statement necklace and you're out the door!

I just added 10 new books to my reading list, what's next on yours? 

Alyson: I'm ready for a few easy laughs so I'm about to read Andy Cohen's book (Bravo fame; love his snarkiness!), and I'm dying to add this Kate Spade "Things We Love" book to any table in my house. 
So beautiful, right?

As an daily TAGG reader, I know you have a lot on your plate! 
How do you manage running a business, a blog, and a household without, well, going insane???
Alyson: Good question! Priorities, help and willing to let things go. Realizing you can't do it all is a huge first step. So laundry piles up (solution: buy more underwear!), or you don't have time to cook (that's what Pollo Tropical or local sushi place is for!), and getting someone to help clean our house every other week makes a major difference. I used to work on the blog during the day, but no longer. It's strictly for evening, after my three-year old has gone to bed. A few times a post doesn't happen for the next time; it gives me major guilt but I have tried to let it go.

                                                               Are a lipstick or lip gloss girl? 
 Alyson: Both! I'm trying to become more of a statement lips girl. Reading blogs has demonstrated the impact it can make with even the most basic styles. But for day-to-day, I love experimenting with different glosses.

Us Michiganders flock to Florida in the winter (present company included)  
 What's the best off-the-grid vacation spot in Florida? 

Alyson:  I love Palm Beach off season (which is summer time here); AMAZING deals. Such great window shopping, incredible dining and the cleanest beaches you've ever seen. I wish I could escape there more often (truth: we have done stay-cations; it's about 20 minutes from us!).

Okay, last question! I feel like you can learn a lot about someone by their Starbucks order...Mine is a grande skinny, extra hot, no foam, hazelnut latte (= high maintenance?). What's your go-to?

Alyson:  Grande skinny vanilla latte, two spenda. So... what do you think this says about me? :)

...I think it just says she's an all-around awesome gal!
Thanks Alyson for the A's to my Q's!  

You can also find Alyson on Twitter at @AvgGirlsGuide or
Instagram at avggirlsguide


  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the incredibly generous feature today!! You also made this way more adorable than I ever could. If we were in person I'd seriously be crushing you with the most major hug. :) xo

  2. Love this! It's written so well, and I just adore Alyson :)

  3. Such a great feature - I love Alyson to pieces...she is one amazing gal! :)


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