Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Month Favorites

As a brand new, first-time mom, I've loved reading about what products, tricks and gadgets other moms find invaluable.  In turn, I've compiled a list of 10 things that I've found essential for my first month of motherhood. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you had any must-haves!   

1. Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water.  Maybe it's my imagination but this has been a magic potion for my baby!  It seems to immediately sooth his upset tummy as soon as it hits his lips! 

2. Satsuma Baby Mittens.  I love these mittens because they are the perfect size for newborns (don't fall off) and they are super soft.  

3. Halo Sleep Sack. My little guy hates to be swaddled but it's a must at bedtime or his flailing arms would wake him up ever 5 minutes. These keep him secure, warm and safe as they eliminate the chance of a loose blanket covering his face.  We have a fleece one and a cotton one that we alternate depending on what type of pj's he's wearing. 

4. BabyComfyNose.  My sister gave this nose aspirator to me and it's amazing! The blue hospital bulbs are great for excess saliva but you can't beat this for the nose. It's basically the same concept as the Nose Frida. 

5. Light Dimmer.  This might be my favorite thing on the list. I nurse my son in my bed at night and it killed me to have to turn on my bedside lamp and startle him with the bright light.  With this nifty contraption, you can make any lamp a dimmer lamp! 

6. Nuk Silicone Pacifier. We started using pacifiers right from the get go.  All the other kids in my family have used the Avent paci's while they were young, so we did too.  It wasn't until my mom suggested we try something different that I realized Graham liked these silicone paci's a TON better. 

7. and These two sites were invaluable to me the first month.  KellyMom is the ultimate breastfeeding resource while Hellobee is the perfect mommy blog to read while you are up scrolling on your cell phone at 3am :) 

8. Nursing bras and tanks.  These Basics tanks and bras are the best I've found thus far and are pretty reasonably priced.  They offer the right amount of support and stretch and are about half the price of the popular Bravado brand (and almost identical). 

9. Aden and Anias swaddle blankets.  What don't we use these for?  We use them to swaddle Graham during the day for naps, to cover his car seat while we are out, we roll them and use them support around G when he's sleeping, we wrap them around him while he's in the baby bijorn...the list goes on!  Even though they are on the pricey side, we ended up buying another set because we use them that much! 

10. The Baby White Noise App and a white noise machine. My Graham loves his white noise!  We follow the 5's from the Happiest Baby on the Block and choose to use white noise over the "shhh-ing" ourselves. The app is perfect when we are on the go, while the machine is next to his crib at night.  



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