Friday, January 24, 2014

Second Month Favorites

My little guy is just over 3 months old and I cannot believe how much he's changed since the last time I did a "favorites" post!  At the beginning of my maternity leave, my mom kept telling me how he would be so different at 3 months and boy was she right!  He totally has a little personality now.  He's smiling and laughing (mostly at his dad) and just makes our faces light up every time we look at him.  Pure joy!

Here are some of our favorite things from month 2!

1.  Baby Whoozit:  This was Graham's first real "developmental toy" and it was love at first site!  It was a gift from a very thoughtful friend who also happens to be an expert in baby toys.  It's full of neat little tricks that keep Graham entertained for several minutes (which is a long time for him!). 

2.  The O Ball: The perfect toy for when babies are just learning to grip things. This light weight ball gets whipped around our house on a daily basis! 

3. Magic Merlin Sleepsuit:  OMG so ridiculous looking but so awesome.  I swear, as soon as I told you guys Graham liked the Halo sleepsacks he was OVER being swaddled.  This keeps him cozy and contained without being overly restricted.  

4.  Pottery Barn Chamois Stroller Blanket:  My mom bought us this and it's been a lifesaver this winter.  It's the perfect size and weight to keep his car seat covered during this stupid polar vortex.  

5.  Best Baby Monitor App: LOVE this app!  We keep our baby monitor downstairs by Graham's crib (for daytime naps) but for nighttime sleeping, he's upstairs in our room.  This app allows you to sync your iPhone(s) and/or iPad(s) together to make a portable baby monitor!  So at night, we can have a monitor upstairs when our Motorola one is downstairs

6.  Aquaphor Baby:  Best stuff ever! I use it on Graham for everything - for dry skin, as a water barrier, soothes scratches... It's also been great for mom and dad's hands after washing tons of bottles!

7.  Sassy Activity Mat:  Everyone knows about activity mats, this just happens to be the one we have and it's been great.  I found it for $30 on clearance at Target - - score! 

8.  Burt's Bee's Diaper Ointment:  All natural, creamy thick and it smells great!  I know it's weird that I like the smell of a diaper cream, but when you apply it 400 times a day - it's kind of important! 

9.  Medela Harmony Manual Pump:  So glad I decided to get this.  I read a bunch of reviews saying how great this was...but did I really need another pump when I'd rather not even pump in the first place?  This lives next to my bed and is extremely handy for those first couple of weeks when your baby starts sleeping longer stretches and you need some relief.  I still use it nightly just to get a few extra ounces here and there.

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