Thursday, May 30, 2013


This may be my most ridiculous post (MPR) to-date.

However, the more I thought about main reason for doing this blog was to share all the crazy stuff in my head and hopefully inspire some of you, my friends, to be equally as crazy!

So are you ready for this?
I'm about to tell you my trick for....

Cleaning Windows! 
Ha! Not joking.  But as we know, it can't be fashion and fun all the time...

Say hello to my little friend. 

This little nifty contraption was created by my Dad - the most avid window washer I know! 
(just ask his neighbors)

As with most genius products, it's ridiculously simple.
It's a mop sponge with a window squeegee attached to the other end.

And it's pretty self explanatory, but makes window washing A BREEZE!
Fill a bucket with some slightly soapy water.
Mop clean your windows.

Then flip around and squeegee off the water and soap.

I mean, look how clean this window is?  And it took less than 1 minute. 

You can get a squeegee at your local Home Depot or Lowes or here online
Happy cleaning! 

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